Theoretical course “Journey – Darkness was total, the sea very thick, the wind very hard

The Journey and the various meanings associated with it and mirrored in the artistic practices and techniques. The initiation rite: from the pursues of Gilgamesh, Ulysses or Pinocchio to the metamorphosis of Ovid or Kafka. The dream and the labyrinth: search for the sacred, utopias, fantastic illustrations and marvelous journeys – but also campaigns, expeditions and the cataloguing of curiosities locked up in cabinets or exhibited at colonial fairs. Trips to the moon and adventurous explorations (real journeys, hallucinogenic trips or incursions into the nonsense) in search of the bigger than life. The Grand Tour and the wanderings of the flâneur. The global present that assimilates the Other into the Same but in which, paradoxically, the uncanny returns, with a new aura or a monstrous face.

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